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eal-time e-commerce processing specialists

Conducting business over the internet allows new and existing merchants to reach many more consumers thus opening the window to unlimited business opportunities and higher revenues. Through the use of the eProcessingNetwork Solution, a merchant has the capability of conducting business and processing credit card and check transactions in real-time using a secure Web page.

The eProcessingNetwork Solution provides merchants with the following capabilities:

  • Web-site Processing
    or Virtual on-line terminal through your personal computer.
  • On-The-Go
    iPhones, iPod Touch, T-Mobile G-1, + Way Systems for "on-the-go" merchants.
  • Recurring Billing
    Gives merchants the capability of offering memberships, service contracts and financing to their consumers.

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ift / Loyalty card program
In today’s competitive retail environment, the battle to retain customers is fierce. The most successful merchants are those who establish and maintain one or more competitive advantages in the minds of their customers. A Gift/loyalty card program is a way for merchants to separate themselves from the competition. These types of programs serve as a compelling reason for consumers to prefer one business over another. By offering a program where a consumer earns points that can be used to purchase merchandise, the consumer is more likely to choose that merchant over others.

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nstallation / Training... you receive our personal attention
MCPS OF THE DESERT provides the best installation and training in the Coachella Valley. And it is FREE. All equipment is received in our office and checked to make sure the correct POS applications are loaded as well as for any damage that may have occurred in the shipping process.

An MCPS representative will personally deliver and install the equipment at your place of business. At this time the representative will train your employees on how to place transactions through the system. We will also provide you with a Quick Reference Guide which contains easy to follow steps on how to place transactions as well as the Merchant I.D. number if your employees need to make calls for technical support.


MCPS OF THE DESERT has local representatives to serve you. You will have your representative’s local cell phone number.

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